9 Fake Blood Capsules


These fake blood capsules are the perfect addition to your costume or special effects kit. Whether you are dressing up as a zombie for Halloween or creating a gory scene for a film, these capsules will help you achieve a realistic look without any mess or fuss.

Made with high-quality ingredients, these capsules contain a mixture of corn starch, flour, sugar, and natural raspberry flavoring, making them safe for use in the mouth. The capsules dissolve quickly and easily, releasing a stream of lifelike blood that is sure to shock and impress your audience.

Each package contains 10 blood capsules, giving you plenty of opportunities to create your own bloody scenes. They are easy to carry with you wherever you go, so you can add a touch of gore to any occasion. Plus, they are simple to use, making them a convenient and fun addition to any costume or special effects kit.

So why settle for fake blood that doesn’t look or feel realistic? Order your fake blood capsules today and take your costume or special effects to the next level. With their lifelike appearance and easy-to-use design, these capsules are sure to make a bloody impression that your audience won’t soon forget.

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